Title 1 Information

Do you know that Riverton is a Title I School? Title I is the largest federal educational program, founded in 1965 as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, reauthorized in 2002 as part of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), and most recently amended as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  Title I provides extra support to schools to help students who need it the most. Title I supports students to meet standards the state has put in place for all children. Its purpose is to make sure that all children have the opportunity to have a high quality education.  Title I funds are provided to schools based on the number of students qualifying for the free/reduced price lunch.  As a parent of a Riverton student you are already part of our Title I team.

In Title I schools, teachers, administrators, other school staff, and parents work together to:

• set school wide goals for improvement;

• develop programs that improve regular classroom instruction;

• Offer extended learning opportunities;

• provide additional teachers, Ed Techs and instructional coaches;

• provide additional training for school staff;

To read more about Riverton’s goals outlined in our School Success/Title I plan for 2019-20 please click on the documents below.

Riverton School Success Plan 2019-20.pdf

Riverton School Success Plan Snapshot.pdf

Riverton Parent Partnership Policy - Google Docs.pdf

Parent-School-Student Pledge - Google Docs.pdf