Talbot Community Tree
The Talbot Civil Rights Team Plants a Community Tree
Posted on 06/15/2021
Talbot Community Tree

Dear Talbot Community,

We have been through an enormous amount of emotions since March 13, 2020, when we shut our doors for remote learning. Some of us returned to in-person learning in September of 2020 and some of us continued doing remote learning in Remote Academy. No matter where we have been doing our learning and teaching, everyone at Gerald E. Talbot Community School and their families who live in the Riverton Community area have overcome challenges that we have never seen before. We have shown strength, vulnerability, compassion, and resilience. 

The Civil Rights Team would like to honor our community’s strength and resilience by planting a tree to remind us of what we have gone through and what we continue to go through as a community. We can go far together honoring each other as individuals and as a community. 

Fifth graders in our hybrid learning program will have the opportunity to use what they learned in art lessons from earlier in the year about the symbolic meanings of colors as part of a class project connected to the tree. They will be decorating rocks in Art class in a way that symbolizes the strong emotions they have felt this year. Some students may choose to focus on emotions related to being the first 5th grade class in the newly renamed Talbot school, others may focus on emotions related to being in 5th grade as our community adjusted to new ways of learning through COVID protocols, and still others may focus on emotions related to personal losses in and outside of school. Whatever and however the students choose to decorate their rocks, these rocks will be used to decorate the base of a Community Tree to represent how we, as the Gerald E. Talbot Community School at the Riverton Community Center, have been and continue to get through this pandemic together.

We invite others in the community to decorate rocks to add to the base and foundation of the Community Tree. We ask that everyone who passes the tree recognize the special symbolism this tree represents and uses the space to reflect on ways to get through challenges. The tree symbolizes being able to get through challenges by recognizing and honoring any emotions felt and relying on our community to support one another during difficult and changing times.

With  gratitude!

Chris Salamone and Sarah Beam

Gerald E. Talbot Community School Civil Rights Team Advisors