Everyday Math Online

Everyday Mathematics (EDM) is a research-based curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School of Mathematics Project. This math program was designed to help students acquire skills and knowledge and to develop a deep understanding of mathematics from their own experience. Everyday Math believes that math is more meaningful when children are given an opportunity to become actively involved in learning.

Traditional math programs taught math concepts in units where you would learn concepts like geometry or fractions for a few days and then not see that concept again until the following year.  In EDM, students revisit concepts and skills throughout the year, which is known as spiraling. Each student has a math journal to support daily lessons and each unit of study has an assessment that captures their level of understanding.

Games are another component of the program. Games are used to practice skills and math facts. Students have access to all games at their grade level and also one year below and above their grade level. All students have individual account which they can access both at school and at home. These games are available on-line at:


Another feature of EDM is how algorithms (how we solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems) are taught. The goal is for students to have a deeper understanding of how to do these operations. They learn why they do what they do instead of just learning an algorithm and practicing it. They learn alternative methods like using an open number line, partials products method and breaking numbers apart by place value. With this deeper understanding of different ways to solving problems, students are able to use the algorithm with greater accuracy.

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