Bus Information and Schedule
Bus Schedule for the Fall of 2020
Posted on 09/03/2020
Portland Public Schools School BusThe Portland Public Schools plans to open for students on Sept. 14 under a hybrid mix of in-person and remote learning. For health and safety reasons during the COVID-19 pandemic, families are encouraged to provide transportation for students attending in-person school. The following bus schedule is for students that are eligible for transportation and have no other alternative.

Pick-up and drop-off times are estimates only. Please be at the bus stop closest to your home at least ten minutes before the estimated pickup time.

Physical distancing restrictions limit the capacity on school buses to one student per seat, or two siblings together.

When a bus reaches capacity, the driver will suspend boarding and take the loaded students straight to school. When the students have unloaded at the school, the driver will return to the stop where boarding was suspended and continue the run from there.
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